Designing Effective Community Development Program

Designing Effective Community Development Program

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An intensive program that includes theory, data, case studies and practical exercise to build and strengthen the role and practice of social planning and community development program in local government.

Date Method
10 - 11 February 2022 Online
30 - 31 May 2022 Online
6 - 7 July 2022 Online
20 - 21 October 2022 Online

Duration: 2 (two) days || 9 AM - 3 PM

We are available in 2 (two) methods of training:
1. Offline: MM-Sustainability Trisakti Campus

(Menara Batavia 2nd Floor, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126, Karet Tengsin, Kecamatan Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220) (GMaps).
2. Online: Using conference zoom call application.

Developing CSR / ComDev programs requires substantial funding. Especially community development programs where the surrounding community will directly benefit from the programs developed by the company. Therefore it is necessary to measure the effectiveness. To measure the community development program it is necessary to know the measurement parameters, the factors that influence the measurement, and measurement techniques that are suitable with the program and the conditions of the community. One of the methods of community development that is currently widely applied by companies is to provide applicative training in the form of training and skills. The aim is not only to empower the people's economy by utilizing the existing potential, but also to familiarize the surrounding community so that they become more independent or in other words do not depend on project activities. However, several important aspects that need to be considered in carrying out this community development program include potential, resources and capital. This needs to be considered given the potential and resources that exist in each different area of ​​the company.

Directing and shaping the surrounding community in order to have an entrepreneurial spirit is one of the community development programs. Entrepreneurship is more dominantly influenced by mentality issues, so community empowerment whose direction is to explore business potential needs to start from providing motivation and direction on entrepreneurship. After the community mindset can be formed, the community empowerment program can be carried out more easily, effectively and efficiently when accompanied by the company.

Workshop Material
(Will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia)
1. Strategy to Create Business and Social Value.

2. How to Design and Manage CSR, ComDev and PKBL Programs.
3. How to Create Third Partnership and Social Mapping.
4. Regional Economic Planning.
5. Identify the Conditions that Support the Program.
6. Program Development Process and How to Apply it.
7. KSA is required to develop Competency.
8. Common Issues and Concerns and Solutions.
9. Make a Professional, Accountable and Credible Program.
10. Communication and Reporting Program.

Provide skills to answer the questions below:
1. Operationally define the concepts of CSR, ComDev and PKBL and be able to apply in the field.
2. Understand the processes involved in developing CSR, ComDev and PKBL programs.
3. Have sufficient expertise, knowledge and attitudes to be involved in developing CSR, ComDev and PKBL programs.
4. Identify various problems and dynamics encountered in the process of designing and implementing CSR, ComDev and PKBL programs.

Target Audience
1. CSR practitioners
2. Lecturers who are conducting Community Service activities
3. General Managers
4. Community Relations Managers
5. Community Development Managers
6. Public Relations Managers
7. Other practitioners who are interested in effectiveness of monitoring community projects or any other project

Maria R. Nindita Radyati Ph. D, Dip. Cons., Dip. PM 
Maria has over 20 years research and consulting experience in projects with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Higher Education Sectors. She has established two Master degree programs specializing in CSR and Social Entrepreneurship. Maria completed her PhD from University of Technology Sydney and is currently undertaking International Certification as a Management Consultant.

Silverius Oscar Unggul, SP, MM-Sustainability
Silverius Oscar Unggul or known as Onte is a Social Entrepreneur originally from Kendari, Souteast Sulawesi, He is known for his work in improving natural resource management in Indonesia's regional economies. He founded the organization TELAPAK - an association of NGO activists, business practitioners, academics, etc. He has received awards from Ashoka Foundation, Skoll Award.

Two (2) day workshop: IDR 5.800.000

5% early bird sponsorship if the full payment is made 1 weeks before the workshop day.

Packages for organisations' group: (the early bird promo is not valid)
• IDR 16.400.000 for 3 participants
• IDR 25.300.000 for 5 participants
• IDR 55.200.000 for 10+ participants

Hotel near training location:
Sotis Residence Hotel Pejompongan (), 5min. drive.
Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim (), 10min. drive.

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