CSR as Risk Mitigation Strategy

CSR as Risk Mitigation Strategy

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Mitigating your key threats to your organisation sustainability using CSR Projects and Programs.



10 - 11 July 2018 CECT Trisakti, Jakarta

Time:  9 AM - 3 PM (2 days)


One of the important components of risk management to be observed by company is social risk aspects (social risk assessment). Social risk assessment is part of risk management in way to understand the risk that comes out from social environmental. Social risks arise from the dissatisfaction and grievances of external community and stakeholders that arise the conflict. The different perception and culture to understand each party in some points arise the conflict between them. Failure to manage these issues can have enormous economic costs, significantly damage the reputations of companies/organisations involved and even put entire investments at risk.

So, how to identify and manage these issues in order to minimize conflict and to increase the companies benefit and reputation?

Workshop Material
(Will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia)
1. Formulate a CSR policy
2. Map your supply chain
3. Perform a risk assessment
4. Collaborate with supply chain partners to address risks
5. Integrate approach in business processes and monitor progress
6. Communicate about policies and progress

Enrich practical knowledge about social risk assessment:
1.Method and tool of social risk assessment; how to identify early warning conflict, managing social issues,
2. Develop participative and multi stakeholder of social risk assessment,
3. Planning program based on social risk assessment for effective program:
    Prevention Strategies
    Mitigation Strategies
    Coping Strategies

Target Audience
1. CSR practitioners
2. Lecturers who are conducting Community Service (Pengabdian Masyarakat) activities
3. General Managers
4. Community Relations Managers
5. Community Development Managers
6. Public Relations Managers
7. Other practitioners who are interested in effectiveness of monitoring community projects or any other project

Maria Nindita Radyati Ph. D, Dip, Cons., Dip. PM 
Maria has over 20 years research and consulting experience in projects with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Higher Education Sectors. She has established two Master degree programs specialising in CSR and Social Etrepreneurship.  Maria completed her PhD from University of Technology Sydney and is currently undertaking International Certification as a Management Consultant.

Tony Simmonds, MBA, CPPD, CPRM, CMC
Tony has over 39 years active participation in managing projects, programs and portfolios in several countries including Indonesia, Australia and the Middle East. He currently manages several projects and a number of companies that provide consulting and training services in project and risk management. He holds Australian certifications as a Project Director, Risk Manager and Management Consultant.

Two (2) day workshop: IDR 4.300.000 (Jakarta)

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Packages for Organisations' group: (the early bird promo is not valid)
• IDR 11.600.000 for 3 participants
• IDR 18.300.000 for 5 participants
• IDR 35.000.000 for 10+ participants

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