CSR Exit Strategy For Your legacy: to Know How to Stop and Handover

CSR Exit Strategy For Your legacy: to Know How to Stop and Handover

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Preparing your legacy at the beginning, not at the end.
 Date Venue
3 - 4 July 2019 CECT Trisakti, Jakarta
17 - 18 September 2019 CECT Trisakti, Jakarta
Time:  9 AM - 5 PM (2 days)

Numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are facing the challenge of closing projects and programmes and withdrawing from countries and partnerships. This might be driven by changing organisational priorities, strategic decisions to reduce support in middle-income countries, or funding cuts from donors. Whatever the reason, exiting from a project, programme, country, or partnership is no easy task for anyone involved.

Projects are never sustainable (they have an end) - their outcomes however should be. The objective of this training workshop is to enhance the sustainability of these outcomes. In our experience, many projects do not have adequate exit strategies - leaving handover and transition issues up to the final months. Unfortunately, this is often too late to enact effective plans. This training workshop therefore targets teams involved in projects that are at least twelve months away from their conclusion.

Workshop Material
(Will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia)
Session 1: Outlining the big picture
Session 2: Where are we now?
Session 3: Mapping partners and stakeholders
Session 4: Identifying pathways
Session 5: Planning and documentation

1. To identify and implement the key concepts and good practices related to project completion and exit and maximize sustainability of outcomes
2. To provide participants with tool and Technical skills for successful implementation of an exit plan and sustainability
3. To develop a communication plan and identify communication modalities and tools for engaging key stakeholders
4. To identify major challenges and constraints related to successful end of programme
5. To create an action plan related to project completion

Target Audience
1. CSR practitioners
2. Lecturers who are conducting Community Service (Pengabdian Masyarakat) activities
3. General Managers
4. Community Relations Managers
5. Community Development Managers
6. Public Relations Managers
7. Other practitioners who are interested in effectiveness of monitoring community projects or any other project

Maria Nindita Radyati Ph. D, Dip, Cons., Dip. PM 
Maria has over 20 years research and consulting experience in projects with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Higher Education Sectors. She has established two Master degree programs specialising in CSR and Social Etrepreneurship.  Maria completed her PhD from University of Technology Sydney and is currently undertaking International Certification as a Management Consultant.

Two (2) day workshop: IDR 5.800.000 (Jakarta)

10% early bird sponsorship if the full payment is made 1 weeks before the workshop day.

Packages for Organisations' group: (the early bird promo is not valid)
• IDR 16.400.000 for 3 participants
• IDR 25.300.000 for 5 participants
• IDR 55.200.000 for 10+ participants

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Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim (),10 menit dari lokasi pelatihan: https://goo.gl/maps/5HAf9EZicJR2

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