Designing Sustainability Roadmap

Designing Sustainability Roadmap

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Learn how to create impactful strategic planning to achieve Sustainability Development Goals.
 Date Venue Time
7 June 2018 CECT Trisakti, Jakarta 9 AM - 3 PM
22 November 2018 CECT Trisakti, Jakarta 9 AM - 3 PM

Workshop Material
(Will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia)

Memberikan skill untuk menjawab pertanyaan - pertanyaan dibawah ini:

Target Audience
1. CSR practitioners
2. Lecturers who are conducting Community Service (Pengabdian Masyarakat) activities
3. General Managers
4. Community Relations Managers
5. Community Development Managers
6. Public Relations Managers
7. Other practitioners who are interested in effectiveness of monitoring community projects or any other project

Maria Nindita Radyati Ph. D, Dip, Cons., Dip. PM 
Maria has over 20 years research and consulting experience in projects with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Higher Education Sectors. She has established two Master degree programs specialising in CSR and Social Etrepreneurship, with the grants received from the Ford Foundation and British Council Indonesia. She studied Executive Education Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA; Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Consultancy, and Certified IV Intergrated Risk Management at Interlink Australia

One (1) day workshop: IDR 2.700.000 (Jakarta)

10% early bird sponsorship if the full payment is made 1 weeks before the workshop day.

Packages for Organisations' group: (the early bird promo is not valid)
• IDR 7.400.000 for 3 participants
• IDR 11.200.000 for 5 participants
• IDR 22.000.000 for 10+ participants

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